Corporate Managers:

We undertake the management of business & firms to ensure productivity as well as profitability...

Outsourced Marketing

Outsource your marketing to us, our fees are very competitive & pocket friendly. Whatsoever you are into, we can market. Our scheme covers a whole lot of goods & services options...

Advertising Services:

Do you wish your products to be repeatedly aired in the ears of your targeted audience, thereby bringing about effective demand? Look no further, help is here. Contact Ready I Class...

Talent Management:

We have been doing this for long years now, Artists and Owners of Creative Works have found respite in our haven at numerous occasions. We have managed top notch artists...

Event/Concert Management:

Our Skills and unrivaled expertise has proven key in so many events and concerts we have managed: the staging, the cost cutting techniques, the artist invitation and...

Booking of Speakers for Conference & Other Events:

Want an A-list Speaker in your events? Let us have your desires met then. Contact us and we will invite such a speaker for you, follow up & ensure they make it to the venue....

Professional Editing & Content Development:

We are great & laudable thinkers, and we know how to paint our desired picture on paper. For top-notch Professional Editing and Content Development - cling.....

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How do you source for your products?

We have overtime developed relationships with producers of quality goods and services. Our influence is also on continual expansion as producers of goods and services keeps on contacting us to deal their products.

How are you able to manage many firms at the same time?

Ready I Class has a team of seasoned managers headed by the Chief Catalyst thus the presence of the firm can be felt at every organization that engages it.

How affordable are your goods?

We work to market trends and try to beat it. We mostly work on bulk supplies from the direct producers thereby the middle man charges are eliminated and the end product cheap.

How affordable are your services?

In dealing with affordability, we do not charge a flat rate which tends to make you pay even when performance is less. We work on percentages of the whole impact we produce in your organization, this drives us to produce and put your minds at rest.

Through which means do drive your activities?

Through all necessary means. As much as we work online, we are also present physically when doing our strategic and marketing work.

When engaging your services, can you modify to our tastes and preferences?

Yes! We are open to consultations and we can work around your specific needs and desires.

Can I contact you if I have a product to sell or any idea I want to push?

Yes! We are available for discussion, let's see the product, service or idea you want to pitch and we'll push it together. Terms and conditions apply.

How do I contact you?

You can get across to us through our dedicated emails and telephone lines. Someone will attend to you. Dial 08029334602 or email: info@readyideals.com or simply fill the contact form on this website.

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1.    We have not just the knowledge but the requisite skill and experience to drive your organization to desired heights through our group of professional partners all across the country.

2.    We can work in a tailored mode, therefore you can have your request customized according to the need of your organization and according to your own desire.

3.    When performing our management services, your firm's ownership structure is protected. Our staff do not wade into anything more than the job they are employed for or the assistance that is requested from them.

4.    Our fees and prices are not just affordable but very competitive in the general market and business sphere.

5.    All products displayed and advertised on our platforms are personally screened by our officials on firsthand basis. There is no risk involved in the dealership, there is no 'caveat emptor' disclaimer, though terms and conditions may apply as concerning each product and service.

6.    Since the products advertised on our website are screened by our officials, quality becomes guaranteed. You know what you are getting for every price you pay. Terms and conditions apply.

7.    All services available are from seasoned professionals in the same field you wish to engage them in. these are skilled people with an impressive track record and proven integrity.

8.    We have a dedicated marketing team for every product we advertise. We keep expanding our already wide reach.

9.    Wide reach follows your product/service when you advertise with us.

10.    The speakers available for booking on our site are guaranteed to leave a long lasting positive impression on your audience. You can also contact us to book whoever  you wish to engage but not seen on the list.

11.    You can contact us with the details of any product, service or idea you want to 'deal', let us screen it with the aim of making it profitable and getting it to the end user.

12.    We have a handful of professionals, business people and entrepreneurs who can drive the idea to solve any problem you might be faced with, so why not contact us today?



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